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    Client Log | Grab IP | Useless DNS

    Wow.. i taked a dns for 2 think.
    1 Hide Ip
    2 Easy connection on my server.

    I don't wanna give the IP address of my server to other people but... Hey when you log inside a server go on
    TOOLS -> Client Log -> You can go see the IP address of the server..

    There is any way for hide that or block it?

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    The only way I can think of doing this is by having your server use a VPN connection and even then I am not sure it would work, other than that there is nothing you can do.

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    If it's not in the log, there's still YaTQA and nslookup. So you better tell Microsoft to stop shipping nslookup with Windows ASAP!

    Should Microsoft disagree, only reverse proxy will help. Or not putting the server on the server list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossadebole View Post
    Wow.. i taked a dns for 2 think.
    1 Hide Ip
    DNS is an exact opposite of it.
    Its primary purpose is to make address discovery easy and transparent to the end user.
    I suggest moderators close this thread as irrelevant to the forums and internet as a whole.

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