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    Issues upgrading, no longer able to run Teamspeak server as a service


    I've been using a very old version of the server and today i was forced to patch because clients are no longer able to connect.

    I want to know what way you can run the new teamspeak as a service? I've been using the old "TS3ServiceWrapper" but that no longer works to create the new teamspeak as a service.

    If i try to setup teamspeak to run as a service without the wrapper i get permission issues, teamspeak for some reason wants full admin cause it wantt to interact with the desktop taskbar putting that little icon down there.. no one in their right mind would give teamspeak full admin rights on the entire server, obviously i am using a dedicated teamspeak account that only has read/write access to the specified path which teamspeak resides... this no longer works and is of concern.

    Do you have a built in command to make teamspeak a service on windows?

    Solved this:
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