I was recently forced to upgrade and i ran into problems running the new teamspeak server as a service using the old tricks that have previously worked so i figured out a new solution i though i could share for others with this problem.

I personally have a windows 2012 server but this probably works for previous versions of windows as well.

Download: https://coreserver.net/stuff/Teamspe...ervice2018.zip and extract the content directly into your teamspeak 3 server folder.

Simply edit the included xml configuration (teamspeak3service.xml) file to suit your needs.

After you have finished editing the configuration file you simply open CMD with admin rights, go to the root directory of your teamspeak 3 server setup

example cd c:/Teamspeak3Server

Then run command

teamspeak3service.exe install

Service will now be installed as "Teamspeak3" in your service.mgr, if all went good your service won't have a problem starting.

Remember to always use a service account without administrative privileges, and when you do make sure you set the rights for the service account to have privileges on the teamspeak3 server folder otherwise the service cannot run as it lacks permission to access the files.

Now you can run your new Teamspeak 3 server 2018 securely as a service on windows without having to give administrative rights to the account running the server and avoid the security risks that comes with doing that.