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    "Add friend" option

    Hello everyone !

    I wanted to make a little joke to one of my friend on Teamspeak by connecting on the server we use with a new nickname and troll him saying that it is not me. But as soon as I came he explained me that he knew it was me because he could see my previous nickname using the friend feature. We did some tests together and apparently it's even working on different servers.

    Then I started to wonder how this feature was working, like if I am taggued as friend by someone. What do I need to change to avoid being recognized ? Is the feature getting the ip adress ? A client number ? A component number of your PC ?

    I am puzzled about this

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    It's your identity (Tools -> Identities) that you use to connect to these servers.
    You can create a second one and need to setup your bookmark to use that new one to avoid that.

    But they can still recognize you by your IP
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    Thank you very much Dante !

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