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    Why can Twitch Streamer have a NPL

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    OP note: title should have been "Why can PAID Twitch Streamer have a NPL"

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Don't know what i should answer. Sales is not my department.
    I have to forward this to the right department and maybe i can answer then.

    Update -> Sales has no problem with that when a Twitch streamer is getting money via subscriber and the subscriber get's a group trough the myTS Integration.
    So, if a person pretty much using twitch as an income and wants to link an NPL TS3 server to that account and charge people for privileges that extend into the NPL server that is OK. But a donation button on a website to just offset the cost of VPS and hosting (VPS, forum, domain, etc) is not... makes no sense to me. But, I guess and instructional video on getting NPL hosts to affiliate status on twitch so they can get around collecting money from members without violating the NPL server agreement should be on its way soon.
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