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    Usage of ts3Functions.startConnection's defaultChannelArray parameter

    I am trying to establish a new server connection using the C SDK,
    but there is parameter that really confuses me.

    The documentations say its an array of strings, but it only takes a single const char**? Is this a pointer to a pointer to an array??

    I also haven't found any open source code using this, and the SDK Demo doesn't implement this either.

    Can someone provide me a context of this function being used?

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    Thats an array of c-strings.

    void bar(char** arr) {
      for (int i = 0; arr[i]; ++i) {
        printf("%s\n", arr[i]);
    char* foo[] = {"asd", "muh", nullptr};
    But if I remember correctly, you should use guiConnect to start a new connection affecting the UI of the client.

    Edit: the function is documented in the official docs and you have to terminate the array with an empty string, otherwise the client will crash. @devs: I hope the new api will be more consistent in terms of handling string arrays.
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