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    TS3 idle kick settings

    Hi! I'm the server admin of a ts3 server. I want to set up a system to kick idle users. I set the i_client_max_idletime value to 2700 for every server group, so idle users are kicked after 45 mins. There's an afk channel. Under its channel permissions I set the value of i_client_max_idletime to 180000, which is 50 hours. Afk channel is protected with a password that no one else knows except me. The server group 'normal' can enter without a password, and guests can never enter that channel. So in my understading, every user on the server will get kicked after 45 mins of idle time, except users in the afk channel, which are kicked after 50 hours. Guests cant enter the afk channel, therefore they can't just hold up my slots on the server. But in reality, we still get kicked after 45 mins from the afk channel. I don't know what did set wrong, could anyone help me to achieve what I want to? Thanks!

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    Your server group may have SKIP enabled on permission i_client_max_idletime or they own permission b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions.
    Both will have the result that they ignore permissions coming from a channel or channel group.

    One or both need to be removed or else they ignore what you set in the channel.
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    Skip was enabled on b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions. Disabling it fixed my issue, thanks.

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    ok, this is interesting.
    i set the idle time on my server to 10 seconds for test.
    i didnt got booted out as server admin.
    while everone below me in right management got booted, interesting.......

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