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    [PreRelease] TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.4.0 Beta

    Today we did another step into the future and release the 3.4.0 beta version of the server.
    This release adds new features and will change its behavior when you change the user slots.

    Now you can give your query client a nickname before you select a server and the users on server will no longer see the default user name with current IP. The parameter is optional and without it you get the default nickname when you select a server.

    Max clients for virtual servers can not be set to zero anymore. Any server with zero max clients, when started, will be automatically updated to have max clients of one instead.

    Connected users that are above the max client limit will be kicked from the server now. This can happen when the number of max clients has been lowered.
    The client who changed the max available clients will always stay on the server.
    Example 1: You set max clients to 12 but 32 clients are currently connected then the server will kick 20 other clients.
    Example 2: You set max clients to 1 but 14 clients are currently connected then the server will kick 13 other clients.

    Commands send via plugin (sendPluginCommand) received there own flood protection and user interactions (like talk, mute and move...) will never be blocked by a flooding plugin.

    === Server Release 3.4.0 10 september 2018
    Added: New parameter 'client_nickname' for the 'use' command, allows setting the nickname of query clients before they become visible on the server.
    Added: Added new parameter 'version' for the linux/mac/freebsd servers, that returns the version of the server and then exits. 
           Does not work with '' unfortunately.
    Changed: The Server enforces the maximum number of clients.
    Changed: The 'sendPluginCommand' has gotten its own flood protection, and wont trigger flood protection for the rest of the client anymore.
             It is controlled by the new 'virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_plugin_block' variable, its default value of 0 means 
             that the same limit as 'virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block' is being used.
    You can download the server beta from Here
    Our Docker users get the beta via command
    docker build "" --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_CHECKSUM=62f8f991c7ed5e2018e6cfdcc14dd80b4b513527b9b983411fc78bff9726446f --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_URL= --tag teamspeak:latest --tag teamspeak:3.4 --tag teamspeak:3.4.0

    Feel free to leave some feedback in this thread
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