I recently encountered a problem after doing a fresh install of Windows 7. I would start the newly unpacked server files. It would pull up the Terms and Conditions, then nothing. After HOURS of searching for a solution I couldn't find any forums to fix the problem without "Run as admin" being the answer. I finally figured out the problem and feel I should share my solution, so here goes:

Windows Update! I know it might sound silly, but I had to install the important updates from Windows Update, then search for more updates, then install the newly found updates over and over again. After maybe 5 times (I wasn't counting) of doing this the server will now run without needing to run as admin.

Problem 2: After getting past the problem where it wouldn't even pop up the Server Admin token, I finally updated windows enough to get the admin token to pop up, but as soon as I closed that window the server would crash again. Solution? MORE windows update!

I haven't done any research to find exactly which updates are needed, but this finally fixed the issue.

Hopefully next time this happens I can find this post to remind myself of what I have to do to fix this. I know it should seem obvious, or can be easily missed, but these updates are sometimes important to run newer programs.