Hi all,

Long story short, I have a need to send a message from one TS bot (bot 1), to another TS Bot (bot 2), on the same server, using a repeating timer.

The message will always have the same prefix, lets say "!dothis"

The suffix to this message needs to be a random choice of a selection of codes. Each code is 6 digits long and is alphanumeric.

I would love to have the easy ability to add codes to the list through a private message command to Bot 1 from an approved person (maybe based on usergroup permissions) if available (or an additional script.)

I would also like to be able to set the timer duration in minutes through a private message command to Bot 1.

I havent been able to find any script that is able to assist me, and having difficulties writing my own name most days, the chances of me being able to code something is about as likely as ....... well you can add your own thoughts of potential there.

Please help, I will name my 400th child after you if you succeed