Hi guys i got 2 easy questions for old ts3 admins
Im beginner.

First of all, i got my own domain and VPS.
I have created A and SRV records for TS3. Plp can connect when they use IP or ts3.mydomain.com address. But we can also connect when we use only mydomain.com without ts3. How can i change it? My provider said DNS are correct and i should try to find smth about virtual hosts on linux. Hmm Any idea?

The second question is about updating teamspeak. Is this correct way: https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/...Upgrade-server ?

I found also this on github: https://github.com/liberodark/TS3-Update

and this: https://github.com/TS3Tools/TS3UpdateScript

I wanted to use last option but it reuires root access to i will not

How to properly do it these days?