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    C# Connection.PlaybackDevice

    Something else that I can't work out, but is probably an easy question for someone.

    I'd like to display a list of all Playback and Capture devices, so that the end user can select which ones to use.
    Similar to how the main Teamspeak client works.

    Do I need to gain these from the Operating system or has the TS SDK already got them for me to use?

    If the SDK has them, how would I go about getting them and then set them for use in C#?

    Im using the below to set and display what is in use at the moment.


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    That'd be GetPlaybackMode, GetPlaybackDevices asf ( and handling device changes

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    Thanks thorwe.
    But as a novice, I still have no idea as to how to get the list and then set them.

    I can retrieve a list of devices with a 3rd party lib, but can't get my head around getting them with Teamspeak.

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    Well I'm still stuck in that I can't work out how to get the sound devices from Teamspeak and set them.

    I'm populating a comboBox on a C# form with the playback and capture devices using the code below.

    MMDeviceEnumerator enumerator = new MMDeviceEnumerator();
                foreach (MMDevice device in enumerator.EnumerateAudioEndPoints(DataFlow.Capture, DeviceState.All))
                foreach (MMDevice device in enumerator.EnumerateAudioEndPoints(DataFlow.Render, DeviceState.All))
    Is there a way I can set the OpenCapture and OpenPlayback using the method above?

    Connection.OpenCapture(WHAT GOES HERE?);

    I have looked over the SDK documentation and came across GetPlaybackMode and GetPlaybackDevices as thorwe suggested, but I can't work out how to use them?

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    Cracked it.
    Using Library.GetPlaybackMode and Library.GetPlaybackDevices.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction thorwe.

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