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    About Ts3 Ports, how to protect

    Does someone know how to configure port 10011 (query), on internal network and close the port in firewall?

    And for port 30033 (filetransfer), Is it possible to configure it to its closed but it works other way? I saw some great hosting having this port closed by doing scan, but I can upload for instance some icons on ts3?

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    You can bind query to adresses like [::1]:10011 using config to allow connecting from loopback6 only. Explained in quickstart.
    You need file transfer for download as well. If you close the port, no icons will be displayed for clients who don't have them cached already. Only option is to move that port, see quickstart as well.

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    Is there any tut for that

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    All documentation comes with the server download.

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