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    Self-hosted Teamspeak Server with no access with external IP


    I have a problem which I can't escape and after I couldn't fix it after i tried so many times. Please help!
    I hosted a Teamspeak Server (Version 3.4.0) on my Desktop PC (Windows 10 Professional 64 bit). When I start the server software i can connect with the client over "localhost". So the server is running. But i want to have an access from outside with the external IP from my router. And thatīs the problem:
    The ports I configured in my router (Fritz Box 7560) for port forwarding were the following:

    UDP - 9987
    TCP - 10011
    TCP - 30033

    After that the access was still not possible. I checked the Firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security installed!) and turned it completely off for testing if its the firewall. I have even reinstalled my computer!
    But i can't fix the problem. Can anyone help?

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    In the router you will have to specify the target IP in your local network. This needs to be the one of your desktop pc and that may not change, otherwise port forwarding will not work properly.
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    You mentioned Kaspersky, but is the standard Windows firewall running as well?

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