I have a problem which I can't escape and after I couldn't fix it after i tried so many times. Please help!
I hosted a Teamspeak Server (Version 3.4.0) on my Desktop PC (Windows 10 Professional 64 bit). When I start the server software i can connect with the client over "localhost". So the server is running. But i want to have an access from outside with the external IP from my router. And thatīs the problem:
The ports I configured in my router (Fritz Box 7560) for port forwarding were the following:

UDP - 9987
TCP - 10011
TCP - 30033

After that the access was still not possible. I checked the Firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security installed!) and turned it completely off for testing if its the firewall. I have even reinstalled my computer!
But i can't fix the problem. Can anyone help?