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    Server Nicknames Issue


    There is a major flaw with the server nickname feature within the TeamSpeak 3 Client + Server.

    For example, you can connect to
    which is the hexadecimal notation of the IP:

    Now when someone registers a server nickname of
    they can direct users to their own server even if they don't control the original IP.

    Further to the above post, you can also connect to
    which is the decimal notation for the IP
    ( which means you could also register a name for this.
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    I have confirmed this. I do not know why this was not accommodated for. But when the wind blows on the pillow and someone starts to exploit this some how, it will be 3 days to the chicken of annoyance hatches and trolls go wild with it. As usually happens. An easy fix for this would be on the back end if a check is done to see if what the user enters can resolve to an IP. If it resolves then refuse to allow a user to add that as a name. That would fix it, whether it's from hex or decimal or anything else that an IP can resolve to without having to use special characters.

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    Who except the biggest nerds even attempts to connect to an IP address in "hexadecimal" or "decimal" notation?

    I didn't even know until today that these notations even existed and I somehow fail to see the problem here. Can you provide a scenario in which this design flaw is actually an issue? I am curious.

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