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Thread: Database error

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    Database error


    today I wanted to change the icon of the server query admin.

    For this I moved the ts3server.sqlitedb to my pc then opened it with SQLite Manager.
    went to "perm_server_group" to id1: 2 and then to i_icon_id and changed it.
    Closed the "addon" which updated the db and then uploaded it to my server.
    The icon was changed but now I always get the error "Datenbank Fehler" (which is german for: database error).

    I then tried to load my old db which fixed the error.
    Then tried to change it again (I was doing this for the first time maybe I did something wrong).
    But then when I uploaded it it didn't work again.
    So I uploaded the old db but found out, it (probably) got somehow overwritten too and also gives the same error too.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance, Keyinator

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    If you don't have a backup from before you messed with the database your only option is to delete the database and start from scratch.
    The SQA group is not to be messed with or touched, nor are any clients ever allowed to be in there.
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