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    Do not synchronise automatically connect on startup

    This sounds impossible on the current version of ts.
    But on my main desktop, I automatically connect to a number of servers on application start.
    When I move my main bookmarks into myTS sync, anywhere were I log in under will download these bookmarks and automatically connect.

    Can there be a flag to not sync this setting? As this will mean I don't have to duplicate my bookmarks to keep a reference, and the other one to connect on launch

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    Using the same argument, people could ask for all the other bookmark fields to get the same "sync flag" which would result in all the fields having a flag then which sounds like they'd have to re-design the whole bookmark system and sync process to support that.

    Until then, I suppose having a synced "template" folder with bookmark templates like you probably already have is probably the smartest thing you can do right now.

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    Adding such setting for each setting would be an overkill.

    As RandomHost already suggested it is the best way to leave such bookmark in local area and have a copy (with auto connect deactivated) as sync item.
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