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    Elgato Stream Deck Support

    It would be awesome if you could approach Elgato and talk about adding support for controlling the TeamSpeak (5?) client to their awesome Stream Deck device.

    I'm already using it with key bindings but one of the great features of the Stream Deck is visual feedback about the current state of things (e.g. active OBS Studio sources) but that requires their software to add official support for that.

    It would be awesome to have the same visual feedback for things like (global) sound mute, microphone mute, away etc. and probably even a way to select a specific server tab (or whatever they are called in the future) which the action applies to and have the Stream Deck remember that selection persistently so we can have buttons to control frequently used servers while we are streaming.

    This would also avoid some issues with games which block regular key bindings in order to prevent cheating.

    Also, this could possibly help to convince at least some streamers to switch back to TeamSpeak since the Stream Deck doesn't currently support Discord either.
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    I absolutely agree with this. Native communication between TeamSpeak and the StreamDeck would be amazing. As it is now, hotkeys activated via the SD don't always register in TS, probably due to some kind of fullscreen limitation.

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    Elgato finally released the SDK for StreamDeck earlier this January, so this thing is now open to all kinds of customizations. Sooner or later, someone will write a plugin to do what you asked (or even the TeamSpeak devs might do it for all of us, who knows). I don't own a StreamDeck, so I can't offer to write it. (Although that would be a nice pet project and the audience for such a plugin is definitely there!)

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