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    TS3 Server won't start as task

    Hello all!

    I have a TS3 server on my Windows 10. When the server is restarted, I want the TS3 server to start automatically when the user gets logged in. So I set it up in the Task Scheduler...

    Problem 1: as soon as I get logged in I do get constantly the "TeamSpeak 3 Server License" window and have to press 'Accept'. Every time again when restarting.

    Problem 2: As soon as 'Accept' is pressed, the server just dissapears. It always does. But when I start it myself after a restart of Windows 10, it always works and I do NOT get the "TeamSpeak 3 Server License".

    Why does it not work, and how to fix this? The Windows 10 is freshly downloaded and installed. I have this problem on both my server and test computer. The server is started as Administrator.

    Logs: There are no logs after this happens.

    EDIT: License accepting is solved. (Suddenly doesn't show anymore)

    EDIT2: I have tried to start a .cmd-file with the starting code for the TS3 server in it. Also the same result. Also have set with Task Scheduler that it has to start every minute 15 minutes long, and even then it still doesn't work. When I manually start it, it will.
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