I can connect to my server localy using my own ipv6 address or with localhost.

But now when a friend or i with a VM try to connect to the server via ipv6 its not working.
When i look in the client log it says connecting to server (normaly my ipv6)
initiating connection (normaly my ipv6)
connecting status: connecting
connecting status: disconnected
failed to connect to server

i opened all ports in my router: UDP 9987
TCP 30033
TCP 10011
for both ipv6

even when i disable my anti virus porgramm, my windows firewall and enable exposed host in my router for both ipv4 and ipv6 i cant connect from outside my own network

when i use a portscanner like ipv6scanner.com it says that my ports 10011 and 30033 are open if i try this with 9987 it obviously isnt open because its udp

when i close my ts3 server and i scann again for port 10011 and 30033 its says its filtered so i guess the server works? but i cant connect from outside.

i am normaly not that kind of person who would ask for help on forums but i am clueless i already spent a few hours and i am stuck with the same problem.
Thanks for your time and help.