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    December 2013
    I'd like to see the files folder instead be incorporated into the mysql database. That really is just a protection against me not moving the folder over and losing all previous icons during an upgrade.

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    November 2011
    Transifex for languages. Because russian is still awful.

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    November 2018
    Built in Volume control like this:

    But for example a better whitelist/Blacklist
    Because at this plugin you can only write a few names before it's full. (Inputbox is static)

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    November 2014
    Ciudad Real, Spain
    Server-Side Addons would be great for admins. Specially for Server-Wide bots (type in any channel and it answers, no matter where you are. It's a real mess right now because the bots must be in your channel).

    Also: Python support! Python is evolving as the true winner of programming for some specific situations like AI or bots, so it would be great. Or I guess a REST API to deal with the teamspeak server easier than telnet.

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    Provide a certificate system to verify the servers you're connecting to

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    April 2015
    Also the ability to hide specific channels from users like in discord

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