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    Login Encryption for Personal Linux TS Server

    I wanted to know if the login to a TeamSpeak 3 server built on Linux is encrypted by default. I cannot find information on this.

    I have also noticed that I can login from the admin computer without any password for the server, but every other user (non-admin) is required to use the password. Is this normal?


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    Yes that is normal, because the server admin has the permission to ignore the server password (b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password)
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    Thank you for the information. What about the login to the server? There is no https in front of the address and I cannot find documents explaining whether there is any encryption for a user logging in. I am concerned as most people will be logging in from outside the home network.

    Where is the encryption occurring if it exists? Is there any way to verify?


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    TeamSpeak is its own protocol and not related to HTTPS. A URL that includes the protocol would be: ts3server://

    For the encryption, the following things apply:
    • File transfer: Never encrypted. Consistency is only checked for avatars using MD5. MitM is therefore possible for icons and regular files.
    • Query: Always encrypted if you connect via SSH (port 10022 by default) and never encrypted if you connect via TCP/Raw/Telnet (port 10011 by default).
    • Voice data: Encryption is the server admin's choice, who can decide to leave this to the channel admins. Hosters may charge for encrypted voice data.
    • Control (any data the end user client transmits other than files and voice data): Always encrypted. Bookmarked servers are checked for MitM.

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