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    Server Logs / Enable Logging

    We have a server supplied by a third party provider. (one of the big ones)

    We have need of certain logs enabled (in fact we just want them all on) show they show up in the server log in the client.(CNTRL+SHIFT+L)

    Our provider is refusing on the grounds of "we're unable to enable all of the logging, as it would then give you access to all of the logging for every teamspeak server on the master."

    Despite this; we had all logging enabled on our previous server with another similar third party provider with no problems.

    Also oddly is on our current server the 'permissions' logging is set as enabled where as all others are disabled. This doesn't make sense as somehow how the 'permissions' when enabled only pull results for our server and somehow the other logging fields will pull results for other servers too.

    Are they trying to fob me off? Do they just not know what they're talking about or is the logging of 'permissions' somehow logged differently than the others?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Screenshot for reference:

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    I too believe they are wrong.

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    There is no risk to enable logging.
    By enabling logging in one server you do not get access to log entries that are not related to this server.
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    The only place where you could see all logs, is the query interface, and then again, only if you have serveradmin privileges.

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