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    Minor Window Position Error (Windows Client 3.2.2)

    When Teamspeak starts, it restores the last used window position and size which is great.

    However, on Win10, when the window is restored, the left side of the window is shifted to the right by a small (approx 4px) amount.

    It looks about the size of the old "fat" draggable window borders which now no longer exist in the UI.

    It's a small point but one I'd appreciate having fixed as I tile all my utility software on a second monitor and Teamspeak always starts slightly out of place.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    Thank you for the report, but i have to tell you that this is not a bug. It's more a missing feature here.

    A lot of applications (Firefox or Chrome as an example) have this behavior, but some do resize themselves after start to fit in again.
    We do not resize the Window automatically when it was opened and positioned from the explorer.

    And yes multi monitoring makes it more complicated from us as long we use QT as GUI. This will change with TS 5.
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