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    TS keeps resetting all my custom buttons

    Hi there

    The problem is TS keeps resetting all my custom buttons so my PTT and speaker mute etc all stops working and resets to something called 226 default. The things I have done to try to fix it. Uninstall/reinstall TS X2. Made hotkey profiles. made a TS profile. Run TS as administrator Looked all over google & youtube for a fix. Asked loads of people. Made it so it's voice-activated but couldn't do that cause it just reset my speaker and mic mute buttons.

    Thank you

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    What key(s) do you set and which device and Windows are you using?
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    the most up to date 64 bit. OS windows 10. just my numpad numbers and the \ key to mute and unmute myself

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    everything above is right just my keys are different. I use button left of 1 (`) for PTT and = for mute speakers

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