OS: Windows 10 64 bit Version 1803 (Build 17134.345)
TS3 Version: 3.2.3
Headset: HyperX Cloud 2 connected via USB
All drivers/OS updates are current

After updating my TS3 to version 3.2.3 from version 3.2.2, sound no longer works when set to go through my Cloud 2. If I change the Default Communication Device to my speakers in Windows or in TS3, sound works properly. I can hear non communication sounds through the headset just fine, and sound works properly for Discord.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled TS (to both version 3.2.3 and 3.2.2), restarted my computer after driver updates, uninstalled the Cloud 2 in Device Manager and re-installed, and tried various different USB ports.

Below is a 7zip that contains all my log files from tonight.

Any help would be appreciated!