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    TS 3 Android App doesn't use new connection methode

    I am not sure why but all ATHP where pleased to use the new format instead of using TSDNS. Why tries the app then a connection over TSDNS?

    I checked all my setting in my ZONE file and also the old TSDNS config but since I use the new format with _udp/_tcp I can no longer connect to any of my TS 3 Server.

    This is a critical bug an has to be resolved as fast as possible, thanks.

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    What is the new method?

    The app uses the exact same method as the pc client does.
    There is no us known difference
    And TSDN is still a method but has a lower priority as SRV or SRV TDSN has.
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    I have only SRV records over my new short domain and all my favs are seted to this new short url.

    On PC, I habe no connection problems, but within the app it uses only TSDNS instead of SRV because if it would use SRV, why am I not connected to my main support server?

    This is indeed and definitly a bug in the Android app because on PC all is working fine.

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