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    Server Blacklisted. Advice?

    Hi everyone!

    I've had my server for months now. I bought it through removed.
    Over the past week I have had pop ups about not having a valid license, I have opened around 5 tickets up with this company who have literally not helped at all and just closed the tickets everytime I have opened them. Last night my server got blacklisted, I have messaged them again and also via facebook and still no help.

    What should I do from here? My bill date is in december and I really don't think I should be paying if this is the quality of service they seem to be offering. It sucks.


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    This host did not use a legal license and was blacklisted for this reason.

    I would take legal action if there is much money left for service you did not get.
    And next time you take one host from our official page
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