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    Multiple SRV Records as fallback

    Hi, I've already read a lot posts with this topic, but they were all very old, so I don't know what is possible today, because the things have changed in fact of the SRV Record support for Teamspeak.

    At the moment I have only one srv record for my teamspeak server that can be reached without a subdomain, but redirects to a subdomain, and the subdomain is an A record for the IP Adress of my ts server.

    Can I now create a second srv record with a lower priority that points to another subdomain, which points with an A record to the IP Adress from a complete other teamspeak server?

    My goal is to achieve a more redudant teamspeak server, which means that if the first teamspeak with the first srv record is not reachable, the user gets connected to the second teamspeak, which would be a public teamspeak with nearly no users that my mates could use as a fallback if the main servers gets down (that happened often in the past because of some problems from the hoster, but now it should be fixed).

    Would that possible, so that users for example get disconnected from the one teamspeak and then automatically connect to the other teamspeak?

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    Any RR can be used as fallback by having more than one.

    Note that you cannot have the same virtual server running more than once.

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