The following issue has been occurring, and honestly I've run out of ideas on how I can resolve this.

I am currently running TeamSpeak Server version; 3.4.0

Here is the issue;

Using my domain (ts.fadedgaming.org), to connect to our main TeamSpeak works fine, no issues, but attempting to connect to our other TeamSpeaks (ex; ts.fadedgaming.orgport)) does not work. We attempted to connect using the IP (, and tried to setup a custom A record (domain.fadedgaming.org), though this did not work.

We originally though the issue was with our Control Panel software (Pterodactyl), so we moved the TeamSpeak from the software back to SSH (We are running Centos 7).

Now as far as the server goes, you will probably tell me that this is probably firewall issue, in which I wouldn't disagree, but we have opened a custom port for File Transferring, Query, and the Server, all in the correct protocols. And using them is fine, we can upload icons, files, etc, and use query without issue. But connecting is where the issue is.

(And yes, I'm 100% sure the server is using the correct ports).

To connect to the server, you first need to connect to ts.fadedgaming.org, then you can join the servers, this is required on all of the IPs (including the IPV4, ts.fadedgaming.org, and our hostname for our dedicated server).

Any ideas?