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    Audio being "distorted" by Opus Music codec

    Hello, TeamSpeak team!

    I have a TS server that is working perfectly. However, one of my friends claimed that he just can't stand in any Opus Music channel, because any audio coming from it is distorted, kinda metalized (either music or people's voices).

    This issue is way worse with music, but he claims that the voices are pretty whack in there too. And this is only happening to him, and no one else.

    He already tried to install another version of TeamSpeak to test it, but it just stayed the same. Is this a well known issue (and have a known solution)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We call this "the result packet loss".
    The user or the server has packet loss and the lost packets are replaced with digital noises.

    Using this codec for voice is not supported by us.
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