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    Suggestions for country flags [Republika Kosovo]

    Dear! I am reporting to you on behalf of KOS-ALB TeamSpeak 3 team and I want to point out to you the discrimination your team is doing towards the citizens of the internationally recognized republic kosovo. I think it is embarrassing to discriminate against Kosovo's citizens in this way and to give them the knowledge of the flags. On behalf of the SOC-ALB TS3 team, I ask that within 30 days this mistake be corrected because our clients have been around for almost 10 years since we are internationally recognized by the flags of the flag.

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    The service we use to indicate the country from users shows that you are from Croatia. So we show the Croatian flag.
    You can test it here:

    This is nothing we can fix so far and adding the flag will not change anything as long ip2location recognizes Croatia as your country.
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    Kosovo is not recognized by the majority of countries and has no ISO 3166 code which is technically required to add a flag.

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    Small addition: According to RIPE, Kosovo ISPs call their service area "Albania", therefore you will likely be displayed as Albanian. Kosovo also doesn't have a post service recognized by the UPU, so the ISP's address is "Prishtina, Albania". The ethnicity of Kosovo people is actually mostly Albanian, so I guess that's the closest match they could get.

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    Another user mentioned ISO 3166. Just because a software dev decided to use this standard doesnt mean you cant add it to the software. And I don't see the connection between ISO 3166 and IP-Adresses being binded to a country => ISO 3166 just describe the country codes.

    However, Kosovo is already in ISO 3166 and still it shows the serbian/albanian flag (depends on the provider of the user).

    Other gaming communities like Steam or Discord have no problem waving the Kosovo flag thats why I stopped using TeamSpeak a long time ago

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