Hey everyone,

for some testings, I recently created a second server. But after I finished testing, I could not delete that server anymore because of an error 2052 with the status text "file input/output error".

After analyzing the problem, I found out that the filebase path changed from "files/virtualserver_X" (X = sid) to just "files".

I think, that I get the message due to the wired structure of the files folder.
I got my main server which filebase is normal --> "files/virutalserver_1" and my test server which filebase is unnormal (just) --> "files". When I try to delete that (bugged?) virtualserver I get an error message because that would also delete my main virtualserver_1 files.

Anyone knows, how to fix that misconfiguration or how you would call it?

* Some Data
* - OpenVZ vServer running Linux Debian 8 (jessie)
* - 2 vCPU (@2Ghz)
* - 1 GB Ram
* - only running teamspeak server (latest version v3.5.0)
* - server @ts.betazones.com

Thanks in advance,
David | Keyrem