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    Discord is helping Teamspeak

    While we wait for TS5... If you thought dictatorship was bad, take a look at discord. It's been mentioned around here that discord sells your data, but that's not the half of it. The last several days, throughout the course of this year, slow downs, interruptions, server connection issues.

    Now discord taking it in their own hands to smite discord partners for housing NSFW posts and not warning their users for take downs of servers not being partners. Teamspeak has all the ammo they need now lol.. it's too easy.

    I've even heard this happening to non partner discord users, where they weren't following discord TOS by the book and got their servers shut down.

    Discord TOS is faulty

    Same post has a link between

    Interaction between server owner and discord staff / email

    I had to post this, this is just too juicy to go unnoticed. There are so many disgruntled discord server owners and people right now it's hilarious. It's non-stop bashing discord for being dictators.

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    ... and where is the question

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    the question is.. can have TS5 beta for fight the Shicord ignorance?

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    They are now reinforcing their under age policy (13 years and under) and if the owner knows about it, will be banned and have their server removed! LOL It removes their biggest user base with the advent of Teamspeak 5 those who are of certain age will turn to Teamspeak.

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