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    Mutiple Inputs from one client

    Hello good people!

    I am having some issues with being on the same server with two accounts, we recently switched from ventrilo to teamspeak, and i have never had this issue before.

    I usually login two times on the same server, once with my own profile, and then again with my "keyboard" profile, that i use to play play music to other peopel on the server.

    I managed to open two clients at once, by adding " nosingleinstance" to the TS shortcut, but when i change the input on my "keyboard" instance, it also changed globally on my other character.

    For some reason i managed to fix this yesterday, i managed to have two different inputs on two different instances of the program, but today, i just can't get it to work.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated, thanks!

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    You don't need to start 2 instances of Teamspeak. You create 2 bookmark items with different input and output profiles.

    - the first is your voice connection with your mic and your headphones configured
    - the second is your music connection. As recording profile, you set the music input you configured in the options. As output profile, you set "none", and as soundpack "sounds deactivated". Press the button on the bottom of the bookmark entry to see the profiles you use for this bookmark entry.

    If you right-click an entry of the bookmark menu, you can "connect in a new tab", which you use for the music connection after you connected with your voice connection. Now you have 2 connections to the same server in one Teamspeak client in 2 tabs. One tab with mic+headphone and the other with the music input. No additional clicking after connect required. You can even set the channel to join on connect, so you don't even need to manually move your client from the lobby, if you always join the same channel with you friends.

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    I had to scratch my head more than once to figure out how to do it, but thanks to you, it works perfectly!

    Thank you!

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    Mutiple Inputs from one client

    Is there a way to have one computer/client
    have different inputs come in and assign an input per channel/room i make. Example, if i have a bunch of mics into 1 device, would want 1 mic per channel/room. Would this require launching teamspeak multiple times on a device? Is that even allowed or would it have to be 1 input per device.
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    Just create new capture profiles and set the desired device into each profile.
    Now copy or create as many bookmarks you need.
    In these bookmarks you set different capture profiles.

    Now you connect in more than tab and each tab will use a different input device.
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