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Thread: Bug with domain

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    Bug with domain

    Hello, dear community and especially moderators.
    We've got a server, i don't won't to advertise it here, but without domain the information will be useless.
    So, our domain is:
    And the thing is this. When we connect to - we are connecting to our server.
    But somehow there was a guy with nickname "gamecsdm" and i didnt see anything wrong with that except one thing:
    If we connect to domain gamecsdm - then i don't understand how - we are connecting to other server that is not our and, of course, is violating rules.
    How does this happen? Is it bug or not?
    Because it is obvious that gamecsdm domain does not exist.

    I'm again sorry for advertisement and if anyone can explain or solve this problem - then you can delete this topic (our server is already enough popular)

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    No problem you just want to clarify the problem.

    gamecsdm alone without a dot and at least 2 chars is no domain.
    Someone did Register a server nickname under and did set his own domain/IP.

    If this name is protected you can create a myTeamSpeak Ticket
    under to claim your rights or the removal.
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