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    Suggestion (make app for free)

    Hey,why don't you make let's say for christmas free to download the teamspeak 3 for phone just for 24 hours or less maybe,it will be great...

    And i typed the god damn Google Play Store for adding maestro in their paymenths they didn't answered,please if u can help like company to tell them to add maestro in paymenths...PLEASEE..!!

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    Make the mobiles apps free.

    I really struggle to understand why the apps have a pay wall sometimes. I already have to pay to host my server either manually or through a TeamSpeak partner. I have already purchased the app so it is not an issue for me however the issue is when I want my friends to join. I only use TeamSpeak for the superior voice quality however many other people give zero shits about voice quality if it means they can have embeds and have free servers and apps. So I struggle to get my friends to use TeamSpeak.
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