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Thread: new NPL terms?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    So yeah, what's "public", dante?
    • Web list? So you could run a script that blacklists every NPL-licensed server on the web list that is not password protected and maybe allows channel creation?
    • Linked publicly on a website? So you could basically blacklist every NPL-licensed server added to
    Please do not give them any advice

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    Well he just did it, deleting wont help

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazeman View Post
    Discord is only so popular because it costs nothing..not because of the support or the features.
    Um yes? That's the point...

    The problem is how are we (Community-Managers) supposed to stack up arguments against moving to Discord when there is something new that makes teamspeak less attractive for small/medium sized communities (up to 200 users) everyday?

    If you want to host a teamspeak (NPL or not) you need a V-Server, period.
    Now just imagine that someone does not want to rent a V-Server for (let's say) 5 Bucks a month because he just wants to play with his friends, so he starts with Discord.

    Does anyone honestly think that they will do the switch over to teamspeak when their community grows? Especially when they see these prices and are not allowed to take donations?

    That's the main problem no one seems to understand.
    One does not simply switch the voice-communication software of an entire community easily.

    Most users do not care about privacy...and you cannot make the change to teamspeak if most of your community keeps stockpiling arguments for discord...what's the alternative?
    Losing your community just to switch over to teamspeak and build anew?

    Discord has bots, integrations with a shitload of software etc. - Things we do need in teamspeak (and we need them fast). Instead here we are having a discussion about a affordable license for server-owners?

    I am very much concerned about the future of teamspeak if decisions like these continue to be made in the future.
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    Discord saves all of your discord data for sale to third parties. Your private messages are also stored and evaluated, which is not cool at all.

    The NPL license offered by teamspeak is for non-profit projects that have no sponsors, no advertising for companies or free use for third parties.

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    "Again Teamspeak is an company who needs to make profit."
    That's correct but don't tell me that they do not make money through their certified hosters. There are companies out there who pay for a hosting license and sell hosting-packages. The hosting licenses are not free - They are (in fact) quite expensive and thats okay.

    "So if you or all the other ones who pay nothing, leave to Discord than Teamspeak lost nothing."
    They lose their userbase, thats the main problem. If the big communities switch to discord than teamspeak won't have as many users which makes it unattractive for developers (because of the smaller userbase) and strengthens the position of discord. Which I, as a TS fan, would not be happy about.
    Ppl. need to understand that a software with a small userbase (free or not) will struggle with monetization too sooner or later.

    "Well if you can't afford an voice for your clan than you shouldnt have one period"
    I am talking about "communities" with 5-10 members.
    Small groups of friends that simply do not want to pay for the ability to speak with one another. Yes the 32 Slot license is free but you need to host a server nontheless.
    So many small groups are starting out with a discord server. Many of them grow over months/years. When they reached, let's say 200 users, and they look over to Teamspeak these high costs will keep them from making the change to TS.'
    Furthermore (and I can not say this often enough): Communities do not switch their voiceserver software without reason and sadly data-privacy is not a reason for most users which makes Teamspeak overall unattractive as privacy seems to be the key selling point right now.
    Don't get me wrong, that's my favorite argument in every discussion but most people don't care. Teamspeak needs another selling point in addition to data-privacy or it will become a product to fill a market niche.

    "And the donations aren't working either bc none will give you any when you switch to discord"
    Communities at a certain size will most likely host gameservers for their community.
    It is absolutely possible and quite likely that they will begin to collect donations for this at some point and/or receive them.

    "And please don't mix it up when you buy an license then you can get donations."
    That's right but you do not start a community when you have to ask for donations to begin with.
    Taking donations is something that starts happening when you begin to rent gameservers or extend your v-server to a root-server or smth. like that.
    The problem is that you have 3 choices in this case:
    1. In addition to the more expensive server you have to buy an expensive license for teamspeak
    2. You pay everything yourself
    3. You do not upgrade your server/rent a gameserver (which the community won't like)
    4. You search for a more affordable/attractive voice-server solution and discord pops-up

    Don't get me wrong:
    I love Teamspeak and (right now) I would never change to discord.
    But things like the new license model are a step in the wrong direction in my opinion.
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