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    Windows Display Scaling not working on Icons

    Dear Community Members and Support,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'll tell you the whole story for motivation:

    I have 3 1920x1080 monitors. The mostleft is an older one, standing a bit in the back of my room.
    As the distance makes it hard to recognize stuff, for this monitor I've set Windows 10's Scaling Option to 150%. This works for anything except teamspeak's server-tree icons, which is the only thing i wanted to scale, to have a bigger indication of the speakers.

    The image shows this option, set to 175%, which doesn't matter: The icons don't scale at all!
    Also on the screenshot the part of teamspeak is cropped, but it can be clearly seen that the top-menu-bar scales while the server-tree doesn't.

    Yesterday I was searching for this problem, and came across some forum posts indicating that 128x128 icons are existing. Even a facebook-post about some teamspeak beta 3.1.5 or so (which is outdated by the current stable client) which supposedly supports higher dpi. I was not able to find any option about this in the settings.
    Can anybody tell me how to get bigger icons out of the current stable client?
    Alternative workaround: Can someone recommend me a plugin (if exists) which shows the speakers of the current channel in or in an extra window or in an overlay?

    I'm pretty sure this is a todo on the devs list because this can't be the intended behaviour. Scaling works out of the box with discord (which I don't really liked or used so far), which is a clear market advantage as people begin switching to 4k-monitors. And I'm concerned as I was very happy with teamspeak so far, and this stresses me so much that if there is no real solution at the current time-being, that I'll tell my mates that we have to start using discord.

    As I came across some information regarding this, Hope is not lost and I believe in getting scaled speakers or a plugin which shows the speakers in a bigger manner.

    Greetings from Germany!

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    Guys it's freaking simple:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    you'll need zoom in, maybe first right click and save on that image.

    1. Right click on the teamspeak.exe (or it's shortcut), click on Properties
    2. Click the "Compatibility"-Tab
    3. Click "Change high DPI settings"
    4. In the window which came up, tick the box under "Overwrite high dpi settings"
    4.1. Also click on the Dropdown-Menu and select "System" (*not* "Application")
    5. Click Ok to save your settings
    5.1. Also back on the Properties-Window, click "Ok" or "Apply" to save the settings.
    6. Fin

    So by letting windows scale the app (simple zoom), it's the end of the whole discussion. Pretty sure it can be programmed into Teamspeak to let Windows scale it by default, please devs, do that.

    Was I the first person to come up with this? Has no other user here discovered this? I don't think so, pls help the community more
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