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    Theholywaffle API bug with my bot

    When I start the bot comes this error message

    2018-12-11 20:06:28.289 [DEBUG] TS3 command error: {msg=connection failed, you are banned, extra_msg=you may retry in 434 seconds, id=3329}
    Exception in thread "main" com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.exception. TS3CommandFailedException: A command returned with a server error.
    >> connection failed, you are banned (ID 3329): you may retry in 434 seconds
    at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.CommandFut ure.checkForFailure(
    at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.CommandFut ure.getUninterruptibly(
    at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.TS3Api.login(T
    at at.Map_der_echte.Main.Load.main(
    2018-12-11 20:06:28.293 [ERROR] Connection closed by the server.
    2018-12-11 20:06:28.296 [ERROR] [Connection] Disconnected from TS3 server

    What have I done wrong?

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    Would suggest to contact the author but you did already.

    The page also tells you how to change flood settings

    For the TeamSpeak part:
    You did flood commands without being on whitelist.
    Put the IP from executing machine into the whitelist.txt and then wait some minutes or restart the server instance.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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