Basically what I want is to have a group that can only assign specific groups.
That doesnt really work in the current power system.

You have two groups with i_group_member_add_power on 60 (Group A and B).
Then you have two groups that both have a i_group_needed_member_add_power of 60 (Group Y and Z)
What I want to do:
Group A can assign group Y
Group B can assign group Z
Group A can not assign group Z
Group B can not assign group Y
[End of Example]

But currently, either A or B could assign both Y and Z, and the other one could only assign one of those groups.
It would be really great if you made this possible, as it would make for some nice roll assignment.

[Example of usage]
So like, the guy in charge of security (The "Sheriff") can assign groups to helpers (The "Deputys") but he can not
assign any groups in other fields, like for example groups to honor specific people.
But the guy that assigns honoring groups should not be able to assign a deputy.
[End of example]

But sadly I did not manage to achieve this with channel groups either.