When I start the bot comes this error message

2018-12-11 20:06:28.289 [DEBUG] TS3 command error: {msg=connection failed, you are banned, extra_msg=you may retry in 434 seconds, id=3329}
Exception in thread "main" com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.exception. TS3CommandFailedException: A command returned with a server error.
>> connection failed, you are banned (ID 3329): you may retry in 434 seconds
at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.CommandFut ure.checkForFailure(CommandFuture.java:414)
at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.CommandFut ure.getUninterruptibly(CommandFuture.java:355)
at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.TS3Api.login(T S3Api.java:2924)
at at.Map_der_echte.Main.Load.main(Load.java:17)
2018-12-11 20:06:28.293 [ERROR] Connection closed by the server.
2018-12-11 20:06:28.296 [ERROR] [Connection] Disconnected from TS3 server

What have I done wrong?