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    Question ERROR_ok always true, even if requestClientPoke fails?

    So I wrote the following piece of code:

    PHP Code:
    void PokeUserIfRequested(uint64 schidanyID clid, const charmessage) {
    |     if (PokeData::users->Contains(clid)) {
    |        if (ts3Functions.requestClientPoke(schidclidmessageNULL) != ERROR_ok) {
    |            printf("[ RHS ] An error occured while trying to poke user %hu"clid);
    |            return;
    |        }
    |        system("timeout 1 > nul"); // Don't worry about this line, this function runs in a non-blocking thread
    |     }
    | } 
    Some sidenotes:
    • This function runs in a thread
    • This function runs in a loop
    • The language used is C++/CLI with .NET elements (PokeData::Users is a List<anyID> in the ref class PokeData class.)

    So the problem I have is that when the user disconnects, the function still attempts to poke him.
    But shouldnt that fail and print out the statement in line 3???
    I mean, when the client disconnects, shouldnt it raise ERROR_client_invalid_id or something else, but not ERROR_ok???
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