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    Can't connect to secondary TS without connecting to main one first

    Looking for a bit of help here.

    We have 2 TS's running on the same box/IP, of course using different ports. We are also using hostnames/domain names to connect instead of the IP.

    So the first TS was setup and we use hostname to connect to it. Later, a second TS was setup on same box, using different port but same hostname/domain with a subdomain added to it.

    The server admin recently moved the server to a new box (maybe a new IP too, not sure, would have to ask him). Ever since then, if you reboot your PC, you must connect to the main TS first, then you can connect to the one that has the subdomain on it. This never happened before the move of the server.

    I remember some friends having the same issue about 5 years ago but I can't remember how they fixed it.

    Any help?

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    After testing this happens if you use IP/port as well, even if you don't use DNS to connect.

    Any ideas?

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