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    Theory of setting up a secondary (backup) server

    Dear Forumers,

    I am running a teamspeak 3 server under linux from a dynamic ip network what sometime is unreachable for hours even days because of ISP or server side reasons. What do you think is that possible to set up a backup server in a different location, what stands as a reserve server while the main is unreachable? Would be the best if the same dynamic url could used by the clients to connect or reconnect to the currently reachable sever (preferably to the main) but can it be done that way? How to start to solve the problem?

    Thank you very much for your help and merry christmas to everyone!

    Sincerely, Swartzy

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    Current versions of TeamSpeak support SRV Priority and Weight.

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    Thank you! I will definitely give a try.

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