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    New client properties?

    I need the myteamspeakID for a plugin and i tried something and found

    PHP Code:
    21 (ClientProperties.CLIENT_ENDMARKER): AES-256,AES-128
    (ClientPropertiesRare.CLIENT_BADGES): overwolf=0:badges=f81ad44d-e931-47d1-a3ef-5fd160217cf8,64221fd1-706c-4bb2-ba55-996c39effa79,1cb07348-34a4-4741-b50f-c41e584370f7
    (ClientPropertiesRare.CLIENT_ENDMARKER_RARE): AU2X9jcp/mBsmLbUTNlkB1PZSTZt7S5fScXUJ9KTAGp0

    My question is can you label 61 as ClientPropertiesRare.CLIENT_MYTEAMSPEAK_ID
    and also can you explain what 62 and 21 are?

    Also why does something like # 2018-12-23 18:44:16.901684|CRITICAL|Variables | |checkItemIndexValid() on unregistered variable | Index:64 need to be critical? Can't it just return an Error?

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    Also would it be possible for admins to recieve the hwid that way?

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    21 seem to be the types of encryption that your client supports (which is just a guess tbh)
    61 seems to have something to do with 21, just guessing from the name.
    Maybe some sort of key? Like your public RSA key for key exchange? I dont really know...
    62 is completely undocumented... Where did you find those?
    But im just pointing out the obvious here...

    And for the HWID, I assume (not sure) that if your plugin runs locally on a TS3 Client it should be possible
    to get the HWID somehow.
    Quick googling gave me this on the hardware ID:
    Its for C#, but if you are using C++/CLI you can easily translate that to Managed C++ (C++/CLI).
    And for a complete HWID, you could just XOR all the IDs, like a simple XOR hashing. Or use SHA256. Or whatever you want basically.
    If you are working in C, I assume its a bit harder, but not impossible.
    Though if you are accessing the CPU ID and stuff like that, I'm not sure if some form of protection will try to stop you.

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    Can someone with the staff badge answer to this please?

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    These new client properties need an update of the plugin SDK.
    Just don't use these properties and wait till the plugin got updated from us (no release date).
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