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    Question is there a onClientConnectToServer Event?

    I need to catch an event of a client connecting.
    Though I didn't find any callback in the example header of the APIv22.
    Is there some sort of function on catch a client connecting to the server?
    Or would you use the onClientMoveTimeoutEvent?
    Is that why the onClientMoveTimeoutEvent callback has the newChannelID parameter?
    And if not, why would it have one?? Isn't the function just called when a client leaves or times out or something?

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    OnClientMoveEvent is what you need

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    The OnClientMoveEvent will do the trick as the above person stated, just check if the oldChannelID is equal to NULL. That will tell you if it is someone joining the server. Equally if newChannelID is equal to NULL then that is a client exiting the sever.

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