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    Weird ghost conection

    Hi everibody,

    I have a big weird issue. I have my TS server online to play with just ONE friend and suddenly some "guest" users are connected. They dont register, they dont talk, they dont do anything. After about 1-2 minutes they get offline. The last time I have tracked their IP. At the first time one of them were from USA and today their IP adress were from Uruguay.
    I am from Argentina and my ISP use dinamic IP. So my public IP usually changes!!

    Have you heared something similar to this?

    Thank you.

    PD: I dont have viruses, trojans or any kind of suspect programmes.

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    Would say these are ServerQuery clients and as long they are Guest they are not mentioned in your database as an individual user.

    Your IP may change but your server name or DNS and weblist entry doesn't.
    Both are ways to find you again even with IP change.
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