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    Looking for a not needed "Non Profit License"

    Hello all,

    Does anyone have a not needed "Non Profit License" that can be used from me in the future?
    I already contacted the TeamSpeak support and they told me that itīs possible to change the owner of the license.
    The only thing is that some requirements have to be fulfilled:

    - I have to be added to and become the owner of the "project" for that the license was requested
    - The website and the email address of the "project" have to be changed to my data

    Then it should work. The problem is that the "Non Profit Licenses" are not available anymore and there are only "Gamer Licenses", but they have to be paid with 300$ per year, thatīs too much for me.

    So if anyone has a free "Non Profit License" that is not needed anymore, please get in contact with me. Then we can check if we can move the license to me.
    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards


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    It is weird that they removed the NPL.
    I submitted a ticked about this subject and they told me it's because of some "strategy" blabla. TeamSpeak is competing with a FREE TO USE UNLIMITED software (you know what software) and still have difficulties to provide free licenses to community that HOST their OWN SERVER.
    I just don't get it...

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    Yes, I also donīt understand why they are doing this.
    With Discord for example you can create as much servers as you want to have and also the number of users doesnīt matter.
    But I donīt like Discord, in my opinion TeamSpeak is much better.
    And I donīt want to pay 300$ per year to have 512 slots on my server. This is not customer-friendly...

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